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Skin Classic Treatment

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Skin Classic....
For Minor Skin Imperfections

No Need for a Laser when you have
Skin Classic!

Treats various minor skin irregularities, usually in one treatment:

  • Skin Tags

  • Milia

  • Fibromas

  • Flat Hyperpigmentation

  • Cherry Angiomas

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia

  • Telangiectasia (Spider Veins)

  • Blackheads

  • Acne Pimples

  • Clogged Pores

Skin Classic Machine

A New You Day Spa Skin Classic Treatment

The Skin Classic is top in it's field for alternative non-laser devices with award winning results! The Skin Classic uses direct high frequency technology to perform electrodessication of the irregularity.


How does it work?

  • The Skin Classic rapidly vaporizes and dehydrates the epidermal cell layer creating a scab-like layer that then naturally exfoliates in 3-14 days. Brand new skin is then revealed without the lesion. 

Is it painful?​

  • The Skin Classic treatments are quick with little to no pain, and work strictly on the epidermis through the use of a lamprobe that barely touches the surface of the skin.

How long will it take to Heal?​

  • Healing time varies between 3-15 days with little to no downtime and no damage to surrounding tissue.

​How many treatments will I need?

  • Typically one treatment is needed, however results may vary. This is an affordable treatment for minor skin irregularities such as: Skin Tags, Milia, Fibromas, Flat Hyperpigmentation, Cherry Angiomas, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Seborrheic Keratosis, Broken Capillaries. Acne clients may require 1 to 10 treatments depending on what type of acne is being treated. 

Skin Classic Treatment Pricing:

    Single Skin Irregularity                   $25

     15 Minute Treatment                      $85

      30 Minute Treatment                    $120

       60 Minute Treatment                    $200

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You could be just one treatment away from clear, beautiful skin! See before and after results below. 

Skin Classic Skin Issues Treatment

Skin Classic Treatment Before & After Photos

Skin Classic Acne
Skin Classic Broken Capillaries
Milia Treatment Lexington, KY
Skin Classic Age Spots
Skin Classic Moles
Skin Classic Hyperpigmentation
Skin Classic Sun Damage
Skin Classic Skin Tag Treatment Lexington, KY

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